Siam Traffic Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of all types of traffic equipment, i.e. traffic sign, safety sign, traffic cone, guardrail, traffic barrier, road marking, and all other types of traffic products with our owned 25 years of experiences by most consideration on the product qualities and safeties. We always choose to use the materials which are in standardized qualities, such as our Cones are made from A grade of new plastic grains, not the recycle ones, or our Safety Sign which made from 2 mm. thickness new aluminium material attached with the reflective sticker grade engineer imported from U.S.A. or Japan. Consequently, the traffic equipment from Siam Traffic Co.,Ltd. provide the longer life of application compared to the give price. Since we are the factory, as a result our traffic sign products are not that expensive. We have the reliability from various institutions, either public sectors, such as Department of Highway, Department of Rural Roads, Municipalities, including the Local Administrative Offices, or the private sectors, such as Toyota, Honda, Siam Paragon, Central, The Malls, PTT., Siam Cement, and all industrial factories in the country. In addition, the company has also guaranteed on the quality management by ISO 9002 in order to assure you of the confidence on business performance with us afterward.
Traffic Cone Water Barrierก Traffic Pole Traffic Barrier
Traffic Cone    Water Barrier   Traffic Pole    Traffic Barrier
Guard House  Manual Barrier  Traffic Mirror  Rubber Speed Bump
 Guard House    Manual Barrier    Traffic Mirror    Rubber Speed Bump
Plastic Speed Bump Safety Sign Road Stud Police Barrier
 Plastic Speed Bump    Safety Sign    Road Stud    Police Barrier
Traffic Sign Guard Rail Thermoplastic Road Marking Road Marking Machine
 Traffic Sign    Guard Rail    Thermoplastic Road Marking   Road Marking Machine
Solar Flashing Light Safety Vest Reflective Rain Coat Reflective Sticker
 Solar Flashing Light    Safety Vest    Reflective Rain Coat    Reflective Sticker