To conserve traditional Thai uniqueness, the frame of road sign is beautiful designed in double curves and patterns of traditional Thai tales. The soi sign is made from aluminum laminated with reflective sheets and letters supported by galvanized steel post and bottom cover.


Small sizeLarge size
size of Soi Sign is 25 x 75 cmsize of Soi sign is 30 x 100 cm
Round Galvanized Steel Poles diameter 3 inch x 3 meterRound Galvanized Steel Poles diameter 4 inch x 3 meter
Kranok pattern / Phiphek pattern
( patterns of traditional Thai )
Soi Sign (Kranok pattern)
Kranok pattern
Road Sign (Phiphek  pattern)
Phiphek pattern

Soi sign clients


Traffic sign manufactured by newly and highly quality zinc, aluminium, metal, paint and reflective sticker.