Wind sock suitable for installation on the roof of factory buildings, to serve as wind direction indicator as well as advertising the company logo or name printed over it. It will distended by wind power.

Wind sock : logo and company name
Reflective wind sock : Yellow and reflective tape
Windsock : Orange and reflective tape

Detail of reflective wind sock

  • Made from reflective mesh polyester cloth.
  • Comes in two colors, light green and orange.
  • Made in two sizes 1.50 meter and 3.00 meters long.
  • Diameter 30 cm. and 50 cm.
  • Reflective strips of silver grey color cloth, in which Company logo or Name can be written, can be attached to the chute by using hot iron press.
  • Stand for the chute made from light weight stainless steel and can be rotate around on bearing support axis.

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