Anti slip tape Non slip tape Non skid tape Anti skid tape

Anti slip tape

Yellow anti slip tape
Black antislip tape
Yellow alternate black non slip tape
Yellow and Black
Fluorescent non slip tape
  • Anti slip tape used to adhesive the stair or floor to anti slip.
  • White non slip tape model is fluorescent. Normally used for fire exit stairs.
  • 5 centimeter width and 2.5 meter length.
  • Available in black, yellow, black alternate yellow, and white (fluorescent).
Non Slip Tape : black alternate yellow
Anti Skid Tape : fluorescent


Kiwalite Anti-skid Film

Kiwalite Anti-skid Film

Decoration and advertisement meet floor safety.

Kiwacal “Anti-skid Film” works on slippery floor surface of outdoor or indoor where applied on. The transparency keeps substrate decoration and advertisement vivid.

  • Best for sale and effective floor advertisement.
  • Transparent glass beads give anti-skid function and do not spoil substrate decoration.
  • Blocks UV ray and protects substrate from fading.
  • Suitable for long-term outdoor use with high weathering durability and dimensional stability.
  • 51 mm. long, 2.5 m. wide.

Use application : overlamination for floor advertisement, floor surface of factory and warehouse, etc., steps of ladder and stairs, etc.

Kiwalite Fluorescent Film

Features and Applications : Strong eye-catching effect, excellent outdoor durability, printability, Daytime warning signs, advertising stickers.

Kiwalite Fluorescent Film Yellow Lemon
Kiwalite Fluorescent Film Orange
Kiwalite Fluorescent Film Green

Kiwalite Fluorescent Film

Physical Properties

1. ThicknessFilm140 microns
Glue300 microns
2. Adhesionnot less than 0.8 kgf/cm
3. Shrinkagenot more than 0.9 mm.
4. Elongationnot less than 50%
5. Tensile Strengthnot less than 2.5 kgf/cm

Color code number

FL-405Yellow LemonKiwalite Fluorescent Film FL-405 Lemon YellowWide 49 mm.
Length 5 m.
FL-504OrangeKiwalite Fluorescent Film FL-504 Orange
FL-702GreenKiwalite Fluorescent Film FL-702 Green