Epoxy adhesive used to attach the pavement’s reflective marker and the 360° reflective glass road stud, in order to adhere with the road pavement. Since the epoxy adhesive of Siam Traffic Co., Ltd.

compose of 2 materials

  • A type, which is the high-durable epoxy matrix
  • B type, which make the whole bulk to be fast drying

After these materials are mixed together, the epoxy adhesive will be very strong and endure for any circumstance. In general, the epoxy adhesive of our company require maximum 30 minutes, then it will be dried and last long. The company provide the amount of those 2 epoxy adhesive types in order to match with the numbers of road pavement’s road stud and glass road stud.

Epoxy adhesive for road stud and glass road stud
Epoxy adhesive for road stud and glass road stud

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