Solar cell road stud has been designed in order to replace the exiting normal reflective road stud which operate by the reflected light from vehicles’ headlight. This existing system will limit the visibility distance of studs only the distance of vehicles’ headlight resulting in the limited visibility distance during night time, or during variant climates and caused accidents in several occasions. From this problem and limitation, the products have been reconsidered and improved by using the innovative technology to solve this concern. The permanent solution is to utilize the equipment which can provide self light-emitting in order to determine the road alignment as required without using the original system of reflection while still provides the similar durability as the original one. From the development of solar cell energy system which resulted into a smaller size, on another hand enhancing tremendous efficiency compared to the existing system, it shall be applied simultaneously with the closed-system light bulb as the LED Super Bright Light which is very well endure to variant climate circumstance and last long application. These result that the solar road stud can efficiently meet such application. In addition, this product can be installed on sidewalk which can be noticed easily from a long distance, in order to avoid the accident.

Solar Road Stud with LEDs flashing light
Solar Road Stud with LEDs flashing light
Solar Road Stud with LEDs flashing light

Solar road stud with LEDs flashing light

Feature of the reflective solar cell road stud
  • Solar cell panel : 3V 120 mA Monocrystaline (Double sides type) and 3V 80 mA Monocrystaline (Single side type).
  • Battery : Ni-cd 1200 mAh (Double sides type) and Ni-cd 900 mAh (Single side type).
  • Light bulb : 8 mm. Diameter LED, yellow color, Super Bright type (2 bulbs for single side type, and 6 bulbs for double sides type).
  • Material : Aluminium alloy, and PC (Polycarbonate) plastic.
  • Size of road stud : Length 132 mm., Width 123 mm., Height 75 mm.(including spindle).
  • Weight : 600 grams.
  • Frequency of LED light’s flashing : 180 times per minute.
  • Operation : LED light will operate automatically during night time, and can store its energy up to 5 days despite during dimmed climate.

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