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[:th]ป้ายทางหนีไฟ โรงพยาบาลเดอะโกลเดนเกท นครราชสีมา จำนวน 12 แผ่น[:en]The Golden Gate Hospital Korat fire exit signs[:]

[:th]ป้ายทางหนีไฟ โรงพยาบาลเดอะโกลเดนเกท นครราชสีมา จำนวน 12 แผ่น [:en]The Golden Gate Hospital Korat fire exit signs [:]

Safety color and safety mark

Table 1 : Color for safety and intersect color

Color for safetyMeaningApplication examplesIntersect color
ป้ายความปลอดภัยStopStop sign
Emergency stop equipment sign
Prohibition sign
ป้ายความปลอดภัยEnforce to followEnforce to wear personal protection equipments
Mandatory sign
ป้ายความปลอดภัยIndicate safetyFire exit
Emergency exit
Emergency washing shower
First aid unit
Rescue unit
General information mark showing the composition status
ป้ายความปลอดภัยAware of dangerIndicate of danger (such as fire, explosive material, radioactive material, hazardous material, etc.)
Indicate of danger zone, dangerous passageway, obstruction, warning sign


  1. Red color is used for the equipment concerning the fire protection, fire extinguish equipment and locations as well.
  2. Sparking red color can be used instead of yellow, however, it cannot be applied as yellow used with safety mark as shown in Table 2. This sparking red color can be seen outstanding especially in dark circumstance.
Safety sign : Safety color

Example for the using of safety color and intersect color

Remark: Area of yellow shall be at least 50% of the total area of mark.

Formats of safety mark

  1. Format of safety mark and color shall be classified into 4 categories according to the purpose of mark’s indication as shown in Table 2.
  2. Figure’s symbol shall be shown at center of the mark without over-writing the cross band of “Prohibition sign”
  3. In case there is no any suitable figure’s symbol to express the required mark, any general mark for the safety mark of each type can be used in conjunction with the supplementary marks.

Table 2 : Formats of safety mark

Prohibition Signป้ายความปลอดภัยBackground color : White
Color of strip along circle border and cross strip : Red
Color of figure’s symbol : Black
Area of red color must be at least 35% of the total area of mark.
Mandatory signป้ายความปลอดภัยBackground color : Blue
Color of figure’s symbol : White
Area of blue color must be at least 50% of the total area of mark.

General information mark concerning safety statusป้ายเซฟตี้Background color : Green
Color of figure’s symbol : White
Area of green color must be at least 50% of the total area of mark.
Rectangular shape can be used as well.
Warning signป้ายเซฟตี้Background color : Yellow
Color of strip along border :Black Color of figure’s symbol : Black
Area of yellow color must be at least 50% of the total area of mark.

Supplementary marks

  1. Format of supplementary marks, rectangular or square shape.
  2. Background color must be similar to safety color, and the text color must be intersect color as indicated in Table 1, or white shall be used as background color while black shall be used as text color.
  3. The characters used in the text, spacing between the characters, shall not be different more than 10% /format of the characters must be plain type without shadow or style /width of characters must not be less than 70% of its height.
  4. Show the supplementary mark under the safety mark.

Remark : Table 1, 2 are referred from the Thai Industrial Standard, TIS. 635 Vol. 1 to 2-2529, Safety colors and safety marks, Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry.

Size of safety marks

Table 3 : Size of the safety marks and the characters used in supplementary marks

Safety Signs : Prohibition Sign
Safety Signs : Mandatory Sign
Safety Signs : Safe Condition Sign
Safety Signs : Warning Sign

Custom height of the mark plate (a)Diameter or height of the mark (b)Height of characters in supplementary marks
Safety Signs : Toxic Sign

Flash Point
4-lower than 22° C
3-lower than 38° C
2-lower than 93° C
1-higher than 93° C


3-Heat and impact can cause explosion
2-Strong chemical reaction
1-Unstable if contact with heat

Special information


NoWater-Do not mix with water


4-Deadly dangerous
3-Extreme dangerous
1-Sligth dangerous