Chevron sign is warning sign with left or right arrows. It is used to indicate road curves. The similarity between the arrows on the sign and Chevron’s logo in how the name originates. Also solar LED light bulbs can be attached on the sign to ensure more safety than a normal chevron sign.

solar chevron sign  

Chevron sign

  • Size: 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 75 cm.
  • Made from thick Zinc plate material.
  • UltraBright LED 90 tubes
  • The intensity of the illumination of the LED at least 700,000 mcd.
  • The term visibility not less than 500 meters.
  • Yellow LED diameter 5-10 mm.
  • The lifetime of the LED at least 100,000 hours.
  • Control cabinet contain battery pack and control circuit With switch on-off.
solar chevron battery  


  • Lead acid battery voltage of 12 am 9 Ah.
  • Automatic power charger to the battery.
chevron sign solar panel  

Solar panel

  • Poly Crystalline Solar Cell type 10 W
  • The electrical mobility is less than 5%.
  • The maximum voltage 17 V
  • Power up the circuit A 0.60 open circuit voltage 21.5 V.
  • ByPass Diods circuit wiring inside the box.


Chevron Sign
Solar Chevron Warning Sign


Chevron sign clients


Traffic sign manufactured by newly and highly quality zinc, aluminium, metal, paint and reflective sticker.