Eye Protection Products

Eye protection products description :

  • Is a device for protecting the eye bolt bounce off of materials which may be encountered while working to cut metal, polishing Casting is strong, compact face-of-the-art models and tested according to standards.
Eye Protection Products Safety Glasses
Adjustable short or long legs

Eye protection products specification :

  • Safety glasses approved by United States standards ANSI ZNN87D1-2010 possesses high levels of impact protection (High impact).
  • Lenses made from Polycarbonate material (PC), durable, realistic focus and features as follows:
  1. Certified property in order to protect the nest color, ultra violet (UV radiation: Ultraviolet) in accordance with ANSI ZNN87D1-2012 (U6) to 99.9% UV radiation filter.
  2. To reduce splashing anchor on the lens (Anti-fog)
  3. There are both bright grey, and lens intensity is a little when the brightness of the environment changes (Indoor/Ourdoor property).
  • High quality plastic sunglass stand Can adjust the length of the shortest term.
  • Soft nose-support, more fitting to wear.
  • Compact design with a curved front of Asians Effectively protects the eyes both on the front and sides.
  • Screw the parts of glasses are made from stainless steel.

Eye protection products prices :

Model Price (Baht)
Virtua grey lens 70
Virtua I/O lens
Virtua V4 black lens 120
Virtua V4 I/O
Nuvo Tran V4 black lens, grey frame 210
TH-303 blue frame, grey lens 140
TH-302 blue frame, I/O lens
TH-306 grey frame, black lens
TH-305 grey frame, I/O lens
TH-304 grey frame, clear lens
BX grey frame, black lens 195
BX grey frame, I/O lens
BX blue frame, clear lens
334AF clear lens 115

(This price is exclude shipping fee)