Guard house Security house Guard building Guard booth

Guard house Security house Guard building Guard booth


“Fundamental security demonstrated good image of service”

Guard House manufactured by Siam Traffic Co., Ltd. using aluminium structure, constructed in sturdy and compact designs, rustproof and easy to keep clean, giving good appearance. Light weight allow ease of movement and transport. Various designs and sizes available for your selection to your requirements. Available in two colors of aluminium materials, natural white aluminium and light brown.

Guard House General Construction Details :

  • Aluminium box structure (natural white color or light brown).
  • Top part consist of transparent acrylic papers and lower part made of corrugated aluminium-light weight and sturdy with good appearance.
  • A wooden counter with drawer install at the front side of guard house. Two part glasses window can be sliding for lifting open.
  • Side windows also are sliding glass sheet.
  • Sliding door with lock.
  • Two types of roofing materials available, aluminium and fiber glass, with ceiling installed for heat protection.
  • Fluorescent lamp of 20 watt installed for lighting, and outlet sockets for clock-timing machine or cooling fan.
  • Pattern aluminium floor to prevent slipping. (size can be adjust to suit client’s requirements.)

Guard House SG01

100 x 100 cm.

Guard House SG02

120 x 120 cm.

Guard House SG03

150 x 150 cm.

Guad House SG01 Front Guad House SG01 Side Security House SG02 Front Security House SG02 Side Guard Building SG03 Front Guard Building SG03 Side
Front   Side   Front   Side   Front   Side

Guard Building SG06

100 x 200 cm.

Guardhouse SG07

120 x 250 cm.

Guardhouse SG08

120 x 250 cm.

Guard Booth SG06 Front Guard Booth SG06 Side House Guard SG07 Front House Guard SG07 Side Security Booth SG08 Front Security Booth SG08 Side
Front   Side   Front   Side   Front   Side

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