Manual barrier Security barrier Car barrier Parking barrier

Manual barrier Security barrier Car barrier Parking barrier

All new barrier available in red-black and yellow-black

Appearance that indicate a professional design. For good orderly and basic security for your enterprise, either for a building, office residential building, housing project, hospital, factory, hotel, Department Stores and many other installation. Push button type barrier manufactured by the company, with design concept for good appearance, durability, easy to install, easy to operate, highly efficient, only to press a weight.

Dimension of security barrier


  • Housing Box : Made of preformed steel of 4.5 mm. thickness. Dimension of 30 x 21 x 99 cm.
  • Arm Support : Made of preformed steel of 4.5 mm. thickness, equipped with locked pins, in dimension of 13 x 5 x 4 cm.
  • Barrier Arm : Made of rectangular aluminium tube, equipped with reflection sticker of red and white and stop-return card sign. End covered with red plastic cap. In dimension of 10 x 4.5 cm.
  • Weighting : Weight by grooved cast iron for good appearance. Weight can be adjust to balance with the length.

Housing and Arm Support made from preformed steel, painted with primer and finish heat treated paint, to provide lasting effect of rust prevention and good appearance from excellent design and neat assembling work.General Construction of car barrier


  • Aluminum Barrier Arm is removable from Arm Support, equipped with reflective sticker of red and white, or yellow and black, alternative strips of 30 cm. in width. Signs stating Stop, Exchange Card, Return Card, Check, prepared with reflective paint, can be installed on barrier arm.
  • Weighting iron can be adjust to proper balance with barrier length to allow proper raising or lowering.
  • Can be assemble and install at work site in a very short time.
  • Concrete floor is preferred as installation site for sturdy and lasting operation.

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