Reflective Strips is thick plastic used for binding with the safety vest.

Available in two colors, white and light green, in 3 sizes as following;

Reflective tape : white   Reflective strip : light green
  • Reflective strips, 1 inch width.
  • Reflective strips, 1.5 inch width.
  • Reflective strips, 2 inch width.

Reflective fabric is used for binding with the reflective vest, available in three colors, white, light green and red. 1.3 meter width 50 meter length.

reflective cloths

Reflective fabric   Reflective material fabric   Reflective cloth
Reflective fabric 1.3 meter width 50 meter length and available in 1″ and 2″ width 50 meter length


Reflective tape and reflective fabric    Reflective fabric and reflective tape


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