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Water Barrier or Plastic Barrier is particularly designed for lane dividing or changing when an accident or emergency occurs. Integrated lock of each barrier can be linked to line with any angle or barrier chain. The product is manufactured from high quality of Polyethylene plastic which resists to any weather condition. The road barrier can be highly stable when filled with water or sand in good proportion. One of the most advantages is the water tank barrier absorbs and reduces damage of car crash due to its flexibility comparing to that of concrete barrier. Also, it is easy to be moved when drain water or sand out.

Water Barrier SQ.1

(1 Meter)

width 50 cm.

height 80 cm.

length 100 cm.

Water tank barrier 1 meter

Water Barrier SQ.1.5

(1.5 Meter)

width 45 cm.

height 55 cm.

length 150 cm.

Water tank barrier 1.5 meter

Water Barrier SQ.2

(2 Meter)

width 50 cm.

height 100 cm.

length 200 cm.

Water tank barrier 2 meter

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